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Resilient Oil Painting Techniques

Resilient Oil Painting TechniquesOil paintings can be very hard-wearing; there are examples available of more than 500 years old oil paintings! But it’s not the paint itself that’s durable – it’s the specific way you apply it. Tubes of oil paint are raw ingredients. If you layer them incorrectly your painting will crumble and fall apart within a few years after completion. There are three major rules that make a oil paintings last the ages:

• Paint fat over lean oil paint
• Paint thick over thin oil paint
• Always use fresh oil paint

Fat over Lean Oil Paintings

The rule “fat over lean” means that every following layer of oil paint has to be just a little bit fatter than the preceding one. In the first layer, you just paint with oil paints right out of the tube, and you make them thinner with turpentine. In the second layer, you add just a little bit of painting medium to the paint. In the third layer, you add a little bit more of medium to the paint etc.

Finding Life Through The Art

Finding Life Through The ArtI once knew of a lady who had her whole life before her. She had just graduated high school and she had been selected by a top college in the country. She was enjoying a nice summer day out on the lake. They had a platform where she was sunbathing in the middle of the water. She decided to jump in and take a swim. That was the last time she walked. She was paralyzed when she hit the bottom.

I remember reading a book about her. It was very inspiring. Completely paralyzed in a wheelchair, she never lost sight of life. Joni Eareckson Tada picked up a brush with her mouth and started painting. But while most people would paint images expressing a sense of loss in such a situation, Joni painted the most beautiful scenes of ocean views and horses in meadows. I guess her thoughts were focused on the fact that life had given her another chance and with that chance she chose to paint.

Today, she runs a ministry for others who are handicapped.

Helpful Ideas for Presenting Art

Helpful Ideas for Presenting ArtIf you have a magnificent work of art that you would like to show off, then there are rules that you should follow. That does not mean you have to follow them down to the letter, but a lot of home design folks use them and they work great! The idea behind these is to offer an individual with the greatest subjection for appreciation of the arts. Do not attempt to match your existing furniture with your artwork. Adding pillows to your sofa in a similar color as in your artwork or using a fruit bowl with like shades can be a nice touch. Ideally, you should always hang the artwork at eye level. When you visit an art gallery, you will notice that most pieces are hung so that they are no more than 5 feet off the floor. To show the artwork’s true colors, experts prefer to use halogen bulbs; they cast a pure light on the art. Always use the appropriate hooks for your art. Picture hooks, 2 per piece, and wires are best.

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Purchasing Works Of Art

The public these days appear to be extremely picky about their style and decor in their homes. A lot of people are actually begining to invest in various pieces of art that will not only be fine decoration, but a talking piece. In fact, this is one of the finest ways to make interior design work and allow visitors something to talk about. People who have not had the opportunity of trying this type of investment will need to read these great tips and get a superbchange of the interior decor.

The first thing to do is, be sure to calculate about the amount of money that is needed for this type of purchase. Pieces are going to differ in price, depending on the name of the painter is, and where it is coming from. The prospective buyer will need to ensure that they research and calculate what they may like to invest in the most. Be thoughtful, this is not always going to be so cost effective so be ready to spend a great deal for the best paintings.

Afterwards, be sure to look into the many styles of

Kev Personalized Pencil Images

 I came across at exactly the right time! I was looking for something online to help me get my name personalised. I wanted some new artwork on the wall and I wanted it to be original and from the heart. I wanted people to come into my house, see the artwork and say “Wow, who drew that!?”

I saw on Kevin’s website that he will draw your name surrounding your interests and likes, and incorporate your name into it. So I started thinking about what I liked and what would look good down on paper. I’m into mystery and I love dragonflies. So I wrote and email to Kevin and asked him if that was going to be too difficult to do.

Almost five minutes later I received a response from Kevin. He said that no job was too hard and as soon as I submitted my order through the website, he would begin straight away! So I went through and placed my order and wrote the description again of what I wanted my drawing to look like.

I was thinking it would maybe be a

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Wall Hanging Quilts A Specialized Art Form Of Quilt Making

 Wall hanging quilts are created in multiple patterns for catering to a selective market. These patterns could begeometrical, floral, and abstract or life forms. Repetition of designs is not common and each one is exclusive. Weaving of wall hanging quilts is not easy as it involves enormous time and patience. This is a highly specialized and creative art form which has been perfected by few communities scattered in different territories of the globe. Apart from these few areas this weaving and knitting form is rarely practiced in a universal scale.

Unlike other quilt forms, wall hanging varieties are different both materially and appearance wise. As these are hung from walls they need to be lighter as compared to bed quilts or rugs. The purpose being predominantly decorative they must be eye catching and distinctive. Wall hanging quilts are always the best of the lot as far as looks go. The patterns stand out and add a separate dimension to your interiors. For making these light fine fibers and base cloth are used. Traditionally natural fibers like silk, rayon, wool, and cloth were used. It is not that these are not used,

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What makes contemporary art interesting?

 The most passionate love, a successful career, an intimate friendship, delicious food and money – all these, however wonderful, can sometimes seem insufficient for art-lovers who do not make art a part of their lives. Art can bring enormous added value and pleasure to our lives, through the work and ideas of the artist, in which we can share. In this sense we are dependant on artists; we want somebody to show us films, write music for us, decorate our homes with attractive paintings, shock us with amoral exhibitions and actions. We want people to help make art a natural part of our lives. “Art shouldn’t be something that you go quietly into an art gallery and dip your forelock and say ‘I have to be very quiet, I’m in here amongst the art.’ It’s here, art’s everywhere. It’s how you use your eyes. It’s about the enjoyment of visual things.” – Ken Done, well-known Australian artist and designer of “Done Design” brand.

Art has existed right from the beginning. Art was invented earlier than civilization as we usually define it. And interest in art never fails. Artists always suffer the throes of

Key Factors To Order The Perfect Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are usually increasing a very substantial popularity for fashionable contemporary society. They’re just trendy plus fabulous to view. They offer some sort of strong and additionally exceptional eye comprehension for that viewer. Thus I would prefer to provide a helpful advice and certain possible assistance. I am sure anytime exploring these carefully you’re taking the best decision and purchaseyour self the most perfect canvas art.

1. It’s important to realise the overall atmosphere connected with atmosphere of the area the place you wanting to put your canvas art print. Explore properly room in your home whether it’s bedroom, family room, cooking area, bar etc. Exactly what is the size of this? Each one of these facets assist with select the right shade as well as size of wall art.

2. Make sure you purchase the corresponding colour selection of canvas art simply because what is suited to the space design and style. When it is anything soothing, you can actually go for fairly neutral relaxed and beige shades, or perhaps if you need to make an importance, consequently opt for great as well as light colorations. As an illustration, yellow-colored or simply

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Antique and Vintage Lamps – Light to Live By

Antique and vintage lamps can provide a beautiful finishing touch to your interior designs. There is something timeless about these wonderful lighting options that ensure they bring a touch of class to any room. It doesn’t matter if your style is ultra-modern or comfortable farmhouse chic, there will be a stunning antique lamp out there for you.

What are the Difference between Antique and Vintage Lamps?

There are many different types of antique lamps and these can be from a wide range of style periods. Technically the lamp needs to be over around 100 years old for it to be classed as antique. However you will find a number of lamps that are referred to as ‘antique’ in style but may not have actually achieved the right age.

Vintage is a word that is used a lot in interior design. Technically for a lamp to be vintage it does need to be between 40 to 100 years old, anything newer than this will still be in ‘used’ or ‘second hand’ condition. Anything older will be antique. However it is difficult to truly pinpoint when a lamp becomes vintage or antique. This means you will see

Music & Art

I know what you’re going to say. “Mike, music is ‘art’.” And you would be correct in that assumption. What I’d like to talk about here though is how one uses music while creating other kinds of art such as paintings, sketches, sculptures;the list is endless really. I’ve always found music to be an important ingredient in any art. Even back in my eighth grade art class I remember our teacher allowing us to listen to the radio during class when we were working on projects; sometimes she’d even allow us to bring in a cassette, for those unfamiliar with cassettes, they were the big thingbefore cd’s came out. Actually cd’s were already available but our teacher only had a tape deck on her small stereo so you work with what is available (hehe).

Listening to music while creating art doesn’t just make the time go faster, it also can be very inspirational; I’ve actually found myself at times while I’m painting & listening to music that I’ll move my graphic tablet pen in tune to the music I’m listening to; I won’t even notice

Concepts Of Art In The World Today

The use of the words contemporary art can be explained as any style of artwork that has been created in the present era or since the end of World War II. The artists that try to make these paintings use many different media and techniques. They hope to take the artistic process and and with it their self-expression into new ground. Therefore the art in the twenty first century is being used to connect with the people in ways that may be unusual to those who see it.

In order for these artists to achieve the goals that they have set for themselves they draw upon a lot of different sources for their inspiration. This usually includes the use of themes from their ethnic heritage, popular culture, events in the political arena, models from classical times, and intensely personal experiences. In this way they can express how they see the world in which thgey live, whether it be beautiful, ugly, or have an edge of cruelty. So they can show other people what they have felt.

One form, of art, that today’s art uses

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Satisfaction in Art

Portrait artists have a hard time trying to capture emotions, moods, and moments. One standout, self taught portrait artist lives with his wife in a Marion home, where the living room walls are filled with portraits. His best work is “Faces,” a montage of an American tap dancer, an actor a scientist, the composite between three famous comedians, the traditional cast members of a long running science fictionTV series, a former TV reporter, various rock stars, athletes and entertainers, and his friends. He does it by capturing pictures from videos, which can create really funny faces. He filled a year and a half of rendering faces of people who influenced him onto the single montage.

Aside from the montage, he has individual portraits of the lead singer from Babes in Toyland, a Russian gymnast, and a songwriter. He favors pencil, graphite, and charcoal for his works. Conte crayon and colored pencil pieces were next. The subjects of his first work in colored pencil were himself and his wife, a native of Kobe, Japan. He mixed and matched American and Japanese wood block print styles. On

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Canvas Wall Artwork – For the Residence and Workplace Or As being a Present

 Are you looking to add a personal touch for your house? Or maybe you have a large space with barren partitions and you’re looking for something inside the room to turn out to be a focal stage – something that displays somewhat little bit of who you might be.

Consider a significant canvas wall artwork print. Technological improvements have made it so you’ll be able to possess a virtual canvas masterpiece at a small fraction for the price of a long time gone by. With regards to sorts of canvas prints, you’ve a variety of selections. You may have a customized canvas print created from your picture. Or how about a pop artwork canvas print from your photograph?

They are terrific options for those who have the best image in thoughts (and it occurs to become a portrait), but what in the event you do not possess the time or photography abilities to go out and take that perfect sunset image you have in thoughts? Or what in the event you live within the Village inside the middle of Manhattan and adore driving over the Brooklyn Bridge and looking again

A Horse Sense of Art

Getting a horse to pose is impossibility for most people. Pasadena, California, is the home of the only lady in the world, an equestrian photographer, who can get them to pose, and her portraits are featured in celebrity homes. She has grown from the girl who borrowed a camera from Pasadena City College (PCC) to the woman who follows tracks and shows and boasts pictures of the Olympics in Montreal and British Princess Anne.

She graduated from Pasadena High School and then went to PCC for photography classes, for which she practiced on horses. After all she had been practically living in a saddle atEaton Canyon Riding Stables since she was 10 years old. On weekends, she would take her borrowed camera to snap pictures of stable horses for her homework. Her hobby transformed into a full-out career after her first photo sold, and she left behind music, art, and journalism.

Her first two mentors hired her after a horse show in Santa Barbara, and they made her focus and pose horses at shows, tracks, and state fairs all over the country thereafter. Another famous pair took her on, and

Defining Colors in Art

 An expensive art work is what an inexpensive print or poster could become if you are able to select for it just the right framing selections. When you select mat color make sure that they enhance your art. A good choice if you want it to pick up a color from the image is to go for a double or triple mat. For the bottom mats get them in color but stick to neutral ones for the top. A sense of dimension results when double and triple mats are used in framing.

As well as the width of the frame you should also consider the size of the piece when you want to determine the mat width. Width for the mat and frame should be different. Detracting from the image is a striped appearance that is formed. One half inch is how long the bottom mat of a double mat should at least extend to. Usually mats look better when all of their sides have the same width.

You may have some floating prints and images that have deckled edges. For a floating image it is hinged to the front

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Printing With Lino

Block printing goes back a long way, even to China many thousands of years ago, but the material of choice then was wood. The work involved was time consuming, but modern materials have made the technique much easier. Lino can be cut with a knife but keeps its hard edges and surface texture, whereas wood blocks demand accurate carving and cutting with special tools and fine tuning with planes and smoothing paper. The smooth lino surface is perfect for creating the exact pattern the artist desires, even if they choose to texture it with tools to achieve a certain effect.

Two colour printing is possible with lino, but this needs more than one print application and the paint will need to dry between each stage. The accurate positioning of the various lino blocks both at the cutting stage and at the printing stage can be done with guides, to help with colour separation or mixing as the creative work demands.

Many people assume, wrongly, that lino printing is just for big bold areas of colour with no scope to create fine detail, however the most common use is

Wildlife Art and Financial Investment

Looking across the spectrum of wildlife artists throughout the world today, it is hard to know which may be the most lucrative investment. Most art collectors purchase their paintings primarily for the pleasure of seeing it on the wall, but of course it is always nice to know that a particular painting has held it’s value, or even more exciting, it has increased in price.

Unfortunately just a very few artists will achieve international acknowledgement. Whilst a lot of artists are professional and produce exquisite work, they will mainly pass unrecognized or enjoy only a short taste of recognition. Only a small percentage of painters will watch their work rise in value over time, and it is crucial when spending a large amount of money mainly for the reason of commercial investment that the correct information is obtained.

Such artists are far and few between and it is essential not to be influenced by a retail outlet that wishes to sell a certain artist’s work, or eqally important, not to be pushed into buying because a shop does not or is not able topurchase such work,

Recreating Modern Art

 Has all modern art already been made? It does seem an odd claim, but experts of art history may take you to task if you disagree. However “modern art” is used to identify a particular style of work which could attract the Modern Artlabel, just as a new building could be described as cubist influences, or a design could look renaissance-like. In fact, the style that associated itself as Modern Art encompasses many varying formats and styles, and it’s fair to say that almost all of today’s artwork, design and visual art is influenced more by this than by art styles that go back further in time.

All modern artists will usually have chosen their media before starting on their creative way, be it as a hobby or craft or even as a living. Such an enduring and well-liked movement took in effectively every medium and branch of artwork, from sculptors working wood to painters brushing, splashing and printing their masterpieces. Attempting to reproduce a piece of modern art would conflict with the essence of the style, which was to work without a defined end-game and let the creative process flow, as far

Art and Graphic Design

Take a good look at the picture, you will see a man wearing a trench coat and a bowler hat and in his hands is an attach case not to mention a brolly. Something about him sparks intrigue. Mysterious as it may be, it is something for the sake of a company’s publicity.

The vice president and general manager of the year old firm, with a bachelor of architecture degree says that the guy with the umbrella is a photograph his friend took of him. His partner, bachelor of environmental studies, photographer, graphic artist, president and senior designer of the company says that the print is supposed to suggest that it’s possible to be dynamic in Canadian business without necessarily being in Toronto. When it comes to the belief of architecture in the late ’70s, there is always room for advertising tactics which are over the top as it is believed that this does nothing to damage the artistic essence of the material being used.

There have been numerous changes since then when it came to the concepts of art and architecture where creating pretty things is no longer the

Breathe Arts Services

 History says that India has produced a large number of exquisite artworks and a vast majority of them have got huge appreciations in the global arena. The contemporary & modern Indian art market is booming with the Indian economy.

Breathe Arts is a dedicated intermediary between the IndianArt Market and the art source and is committed to defining trends in the Industry. It offers premium services for private sales, online sales and art advisory for contemporary & modern Indian Art, helping patrons create and develop a unique art collection as well as facilitate sale of art worksprivately and through the online mode of sale. We welcomeconnoisseur and critic, to this exclusive global community.

Investment or eye-candy, for the fledgling and seasoned collector, Breathe Arts offers respected opinions, attractive pricing and efficient online transactions. Breathe Arts is also the safest art trading platform in the industry with unique escrow facilities for high value transactions that lend our clients the highest level of security.

Breathe Arts is a online platform that offers some highly respected opinions in the field of Contemporary & Modern Indian Art. Breathe Arts

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